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The Georgetown Dictionary of Iraqi Arabic:Arabic-English, English-Arabic

by Mohamed Maamouri
Washington, DC, 2013

Price: $79.95

In his review of this new work William Kopycki of the Library of Congress writes, “there is no doubt as to the usefulness of this dictionary, which will certainly be of value for not only students of Iraqi Arabic, but also readers of contemporary Arabic literature from Iraq, particularly those collections of poetry or short stories written in the dialect.” The first edition of the work appeared in 1967, so it is certainly due for an update as dialects and their lexicons grow, contract, or mutate. The new edition contains 17,500 entries, nearly one third of which are new to this edition.  This new dictionary takes is place on reference shelves with McCarthy and Raffouli’s Spoken Arabic of Baghdad and Georgetown’s 2003 A Dictionary of Iraqi Arabic.

Post by: Michael Albin 4-15-16