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Voices for Iraq held its 2nd session on Friday, Sept.30. at the program and museums studies meeting room, GWU.The session which lasted for more than two hours, was chaired by Dr. Peter Wien, president of TAARII,Associate Chair, University of Maryland.Jabbar Jaafar, the executive director, gave a brief overview of the organization, and the ways of supporting it to achieve its goals.And Dr. Abdulameer Alhamadni, Iraqi archeologist, talked via the Skype about the importance of Iraq’s archeological sites & UNESCO requirements.He asked for providing protection for the archeological sites during Mosul military liberation operations, while Jessica Johnson, head of conservation, Smithsonian Institution, her talk was on Smithsonian programs at the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage, and Michael Albin, Independent scholar, talked about libraries and manuscripts. A representative of the embassy of Republic of Iraq attended the session. The Marshland scholar,Stuart Leiderman,was supposed to attend the session and talk about the UNESCO conference held in the past July inIstnabul, however, he could not make it for some reasons out of his control.

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