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Sumerian City States, (6000 – 2350 BCE)
Neo-Sumerian Empire, (2150 – 2000 BCE)

The Sumerians were the very first people to settle into Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) around 4800 BC marking the emergence of the first human civilization. Gifted and imaginative, they developed the first known system of writing. The Sumerian language, linguistically separate from any other, has been preserved for us today through the thousands of clay tablets its speakers left behind. Sumerians also invented the wheel, initially in the form of the potter’s wheel. They created a mathematical system based on the number 60 (the basis of time in the modern world), and a system of banking.

Other inventions beside the wheel are; the cuneiform writing, arithmetic and geometry, irrigation systems, sailboats, lunisolar calendar, bronze, leather, saws, chisels, hammers, braces, bits, nails, pins, rings, hoes, axes, knives, lance-points, arrowheads, swords, glue, daggers, water-skins, bags, harnesses, armor, quivers, scabbards, boots, sandal (footwear), harpoons, and beer.
The Sumerians have ruled for a distinct two periods throughout the timeline of history. The Sumerian City States from 6000 BCE until the Akkadians took over around 2350 BCE, and the Neo-Sumerian Empire from 2150 BCE until the rise of Babylon around 2000 BCE.



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