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Extent of Babylonian Empire

Extent of Babylonian Empire

Babylonian Empire(1800 -1600 BCE)
The Babylonian Empire ushered in a new era in Mesopotamia after the downfall of the Akkadians. The reign of Hammurabi 1792-1750 BC the sixth King of Babylon is regarded as one of the highlights of ancient Mesopotamian civilization. Hammurabi was the first to develop a code of law, moving justice from the whips of the powerful, to a codified system of regulation applicable to all society. It’s most famous phrase is “an eye for an eye” representing the Babylonian sense of justice.
Neo-Babylonian Empire (612 – 539 BCE)
With the recovery of Babylonian independence under King Nabopolasser, a new era of architectural activity ensued and Babylon was made into one of the wonders of the ancient world with the construction of the Hanging Gardens, the Gate of Ishtar, and the Tower of Babylon.


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