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 Excavation of Ancinet Ur

A recent reportage produced exclusively by Al Hurra Network in 2016. The reportage covers the recent excavation works carried out by a team of archaeologists headed by Dr. Abdulamir Hamdani from Stony Brooks University, New York. The excavations were a collaborative work made possible by a team of dedicated Iraqi and American archaeologists in an effort to search for domestic and diet lifestyles in ancient Ur, 3,000 B.C. The search focus was onto the residential and poor quarters of the ancient city to look for clues on how the general population lived and performed their daily activities. The team will later analyze food, bone and any organic remains in order to detect climate changes and how humans adapted to it.

Report:  Al-Hurra Network
Head of expedition: Dr. Abdulamir Hamdani
English Brief : Ayad Elhite