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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce the launch of Voices for Iraq (VFI) organization. VFI is a non-profit educational and cultural organization formed, under the laws of the State of Virginia, for the purpose of developing and promoting dialogue and awareness for the benefits of education, culture, democracy and pluralism in Iraq. With the collaboration of a number of distinguished people who believe in the mission of this organization, we have successfully concluded all the procedures related to its registration, and met all the conditions and requirements of the NGO law.
Voices for Iraq, was also created to provide the American public with improved, constant, direct, authentic, reliable and useful current information, education, exposure and exchange about life and livelihoods in Iraq, expressed through the voices, visits, publications, creative work, inventions and solutions of members of Iraq’s educational, professional, commercial and artistic communities. For now, the four priority categories of interest are Education, Democracy, Culture, Ecology and these are reflected in the organization’s website voicesforiraq.org
In part, Voices for Iraq, was created to fill the gap left by the recent cessation of the long-standing and popular Iraqi Cultural Center of Washington, D.C.
Public Activities – For 2016, the main public activities will be, for example, and depending on available funds, occasional cultural events and conferences that feature and showcase for the general public a variety of work, products and goodwill from Iraq in the categories of Education, Democracy, Culture and Ecology.

Jabbar Jaafar
Founder and Executive Director