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The Iraqi Mandaeans Celebrate the Holy Day of Creation

In the mid of all the political chaos, the financial difficulties and racial tensions and threats that clouds the Iraqi Scene,  the Iraqi Mandaean community began celebrating their holy Day of Creation. The celebration would last for five days. The report shows how Iraqi Mandaeans began their rituals along side the banks of Shat-al-Arab in the southern port city of Basra.

The Iraqi Mandaeans are considered a prominent element constituting the delicate mosaic of the Iraqi culture. It is one of the oldest monolithic religions in the world. It’s roots go back to the Holy land. They follow the holy scriptures of  Zachary. From the first sight, one would notice the great resemblance of their rituals to both Judaism and Christianity. For thousands of year, the Mandaeans have lived and coexisted within the Jewish, Christian and later the Islamic fabric of the Mesopotamian society and culture. It is very interesting to know that throughout history, Iraqis have blended together in a very organic way to form some unique characteristics of the Mesopotamians. It is very hard for a foreigner to differentiate the different factions that comprise the Iraqi Society. Each community, religion and minority has contributed a great deal in building the Mesopotamian culture. Thus present day Iraqis have so much in common in terms of  ideology, mentality and approach to life, death and earth.

Considering many of the messengers for mankind were at some point originated in Iraq or lived there. It is believed that the first messenger on earth, Adam, has settled in southern Iraq. Later Noah, with his legendary flood story, also lived in the northern parts of Mesopotamia. Then came Abraham, from Ur. Then came Danial, Elkifl and many of the Jewish messengers. Later came the first Christian missionaries. Finally came the Arabs with their Mohammedian religion of Islam which found, beside the fertile soils of Mesopotamia, a fertile monolithic culture that welcomed, adapted and integrated gracefully due to the common ideology.

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Report by AlBaghdadia Network
VFI Article by Ayad Elhite