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To those who care about and keen to help develop and promote education in Iraq!

Education is one of the Voices for Iraq (VFI) main concerns, as it is the key to the developing the next generations of truly open-minded citizens. To eradicate illiteracy in Iraq and has this country made progress, we need to develop education. As you know, illiteracy and ignorance are enemies to progress.

As Iraq transits from dictatorship to democracy the country has been prone to unrest because of the fragility of the unfamiliar democratic system and is subject to nefarious endeavours by the enemies of democracy aiming to derail it.

The lack of education has led to an increase in the sectarian narrative at the expense of moderate discourse and impartial dialogue. Illiteracy is on the rise because of a crumbling educational infrastructure. There are more than 1000 mud schools throughout Iraq, including almost 40 mud schools in the countryside of Thi-Qar governorate, in the south of Iraq where the cradle of the Sumerian and Acadian civilizations.

The first step of our strategy is to hold a discussion session that leads to holding a conference in Washington, D.C.in order to discuss the ways of helping students have appropriate and healthy educational environment, and that comes through replacing the mud schools spread throughout Iraq with brick ones.

VFI is in a dire need for your thoughtful assistance to pass along our message to the organizations and celebrities who care about education in the world. To fulfil our objective that leading to achieve our main goal, your kind contributions and donations are highly appreciated.

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Jabbar JaafarAbdulamir Hamdani