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Ayad Elhite Graphic Designer and Web Developer

Ayad Elhite,
Graphic Designer and Media Specialist 

Mr. Elhite is an executive member of the Voices For Iraq. M.Sc. in Urban Design and Architecture from UOT, Graphic Designer and Web developer, Mr. Elhite has dedicated his entire career to design, culture, humanities and media communication.  Through working with various Relief organizations, Cultural agencies, the United States Judiciary  and Department of State, he gained tremendous knowledge of the social, cultural, economic and political aspects impacting  immigrants and displaced refugees.

Mr. Elhite envisions VFI to be a portal of advocacy to perceive Iraq through a new perspective. A perspective of economical opportunity, cultural diversity and unique democracy. Elhite holds progressive views on the cultural, environmental and political scene in Iraq.

Tawfik Panjsheeri
Financial Officer